Abilene business owners frustrated with graffiti


ABILENE, Texas - Another Abilene business was vandalized with graffiti over the weekend, just a week after a charity organization's building was targeted. The owners of Bible Hardware in downtown Abilene found graffiti on their backdoor and wall. "It's very upsetting," said owner Jennie Bright. "It's our building, we try to maintain it, so for someone to come and do that it's very upsetting." Bright said when she and her husband drove up and noticed the spray paint, the first thing they did was check their surveillance video. Bright counted four suspects on the footage. From what she could tell they were teenagers, three boys and one girl. "I guess it goes back to the parents, why are your kids out at 1:30 in the morning?" Bright said. "Gotta keep an eye on them, teach them right from wrong." Allison Stafford with the Taylor County Juvenile Probation Office says criminal mischief cases like these are often looked at as "teens being teens," but warns that this kind of behavior can lead to bigger incidents down the line. "Those types of crimes are not without consequence - they do a lot of damage, they create a lot of victims out there and those victims are out monetarily," Stafford told KTXS. "It is very detrimental to people in our community and those business owners." Stafford says graffiti is more common during the summer months. Last week the United Way building was vandalized by graffiti. Last month, Cypress Street Station and the Cockerell Building were targeted. "We have referral for graffiti – the suspects might not get caught when it happens, but eventually they do get referred and there are consequences for their actions and they find themselves in the juvenile justice field," Stafford said. When businesses are hit, they can call the Taylor County Juvenile Probation Office and they will have offenders come out and either have it removed or painted over. For more information on the Graffiti Eradication Program click here.

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