Abilene community members hold vigil for killed Dallas officers


ABILENE, Texas - Three days after a man opened fire on police officers in downtown Dallas, the Abilene community gathered to remember those who lost their lives at a memorial vigil.

The Fountaingate Fellowship Church on North Willis Street hosted the prayer service, which saw Abilene residents and police officers join together to recognize those five officers who were killed.

While the "Hedge of Protection" prayer service was held at Fountaingate, representatives from several churches were in attendance, along with city of Abilene officials.

Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge spoke about solidarity with Dallas police in the face of violence, but also recognized that some officers in the country have made mistakes.

"On behalf of American law enforcement we have made some wrong decisions," Standridge said. "In some cases, [officers] have made criminal decisions. We need your forgiveness, we are not without sin."

Fountaingate speakers talked about the need for churches to point out that citizens and police officers are the same and must work together.

"You know what's going to fix America … when the church rises up and says we are going to be a demonstration of true love and true unity complete in the Kingdom of God," one speaker said to cheers of agreement from the crowd.

About a hundred people were in attendance at Sunday's vigil.

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