Abilene eases water restrictions, watering allowed 3 days per week


ABILENE - Thanks to all the recent rain filling up area lakes, Abilene Mayor Norm Archibald has eased water restrictions. Residents are now allowed to water their lawns up to three days a week.

"We're glad this is happening 'cause it shows that we have ample water," Archibald said after the announcement.

People who have odd-numbered addresses can now water Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Residents with even-numbered addresses can now water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Industrial, commercial, government customers and public and private schools/universities are allowed to water Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Despite the ease of restrictions, Archibald is asking people to conserve water by watering their lawns on just one of their three assigned days.

"We're in good shape for water, but we know that that can change because it's happened to us before," Archibald said. "One day a week is still adequate for watering your yard, and I hope everyone takes that into consideration."

The decision to downgrade from stage 1 water restrictions is based on current levels at Lake Fort Phantom Hill and Hubbard Creek Reservoir. According to the Texas Water Development Board, Fort Phantom is at 100 percent. Hubbard Creek is 98.2percent full. Lake O. H. Ivie is at 24percent capacity. "We have been fortunate to receive substantial rainfall events over the past several months," said Archibald. "Although the water restrictions have changed, residents are still encouraged to use water wisely."

Watering is permitted from midnight to 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to midnight on a customer's designated watering days.

Abilene's Water Conservation Plan was adopted in 2003. According to the plan, the Mayor may call for stage 1 water alert when the Lake Fort Phantom Reservoir level is 10 feet below the spillway.