Abilene Fire Department conducts water rescue overnight Thursday


ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene Fire Department conducted a water rescue early Thursday morning.

Flash flooding caused the underpasses between North and South 1st Streets to flood.

Shortly after midnight, firefighters were returning from a call when they noticed a vehicle driving down the underpass at South 1st and Mockingbird streets. They turned around to check the vehicle as it attempted to drive through the high water.

At that the time no barricades had been put in place to warn drivers to avoid the area.

Michael Rice, director of public works for the city of Abilene, told KTXS the city was aware of the flooding but hadn't made it out to block it off.

"We were aware of three underpasses that were filling up with water and they were responding to those to get them closed," Rice said.

Rice said they always have someone monitor the streets during the storm, but if the city cannot make it out in time, other city entities step in.

Lt. Mike Miller said that can cause another set of problems.

"We can put pieces of equipment there and have them sitting there for a bit but that is taking a piece of equipment out of service so that they can't respond for medical, fire or car wreck or another flood," Miller said.

Miller said even if there aren't barricades up, drivers should never risk driving through high water.

Firefighters found one adult and five children in the vehicle. None of them were injured.

The fire department says during the 10-minute rescue, the water rose more than two feet.

Keena Erazo sent video to KTXS that shows her mom, sister and her get stranded on 12th and Kirkwood (MAP) at 12:18 a.m. Their car stalled when they drove into water crossing the road. WATCH KEENA'S VIDEO --}

Do not attempt to drive across any roadway that is covered by water. Turn around, don't drown.

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