Abilene ISD board approves major renovations at two campuses


ABILENE, Texas - Significant renovations are on the way to two well-known Abilene Independent School District campuses.

The improvements to Abilene High School's auditorium and the north wing of the Crockett Early Head Start building are being made possible by a portion of the $87.7 million bond voters approved in November 2013.

"While this is the first auditorium that we will do, we have other auditorium projects in the district," Abilene ISD Superintendent Heath Burns said. "Very significant work at Cooper (High School) will soon ensue – probably next summer – as well as similar work at our middle school auditoriums."

Many of the bathrooms at Abilene High would also see much needed renovations including ADA compliant upgrades.

The north wing of the Crockett campus hasn't been functional since the early 2000s and needs major improvements.

"Crockett will ultimately be a campus that will house our youngest babies – 3- and 4-year-old students – and that work that we're doing is going to be significant," Burns said. "It's going to make restrooms better, classrooms better and overall make Crockett a nicer, neater place."

Early Head Start programs will be consolidated over time, thanks to the bond election. That means Crockett and Long Elementary will eventually be the only two early head start campuses within AISD.

Burns estimated the renovations at Crockett to take one year and the consolidation at Long to take three or more years.

"I've been involved in three bond issues in my career and I am most excited about this issue [of renovations]," Burns said. "We've created a foundation that's going to create students a safe and orderly and predictable environment for them to go to school in."

The Abilene ISD student code of conduct was also addressed Monday night to prohibit items such as electronic cigarettes.