Abilene murder suspect seeking bond reduction

Michael Shawn Gootee, 37, was one of two people arrested during June 2016 for the murder of 35-year-old Donald Perkins. Perkins' body was found lying in Arnold Boulevard between Marigold Street and Interstate 20 in north Abilene.

ABILENE, Texas - A bond reduction hearing will be held July 20 for murder suspect Michael Shawn Gootee.

Police say Gootee shot and killed Donald Perkins on Sunday after Kimberly Mansell lured him to the scene by claiming she had a flat tire.

Gootee's lawyer says the $250,000 bond is "excessive, oppressive and beyond [Gootee's] financial means."

In his motion for bail reduction, Amos Keith III said Gootee's criminal history is limited to traffic offenses and "a single conviction for driving while license invalid, a misdemeanor."

Keith says Gootee has familial, business and other historical ties to Abilene. He asked Judge John Weeks to hold an evidentiary hearing and to reduce the bond to $50,000.

Mansell's bond is also set at $250,000.

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