Abilene organization helps serve influx of immigrants crossing the border


Abilene's Global Samaritan Resources is in McAllen, Texas, working to help in the ongoing immigration crisis on the border.

They arrived at a local church in the border city at 10:30 Wednesday night, slightly delayed due to a flat tire. They brought a trailer full of cots, clothing, toys, and more for the immigrant children.Volunteers from the organization worked through the night unloading it. Much of it was possible thanks to many generous Abilene donors.

"The truth is we didn't know how many people would bring things for us to pass on to the folks down here," said Danny Sims, executive director of Global Samaritan Resources. "The generous people of Abilene are donating money and they know they can trust us to pass it on to trusted partners here at the border."

The local organization has told us that the cots were donated from multiple fronts including FEMA and the Red Cross.

Meanwhile, a nearby community center was working hard to give these immigrants some of their humanity back.

They provided their guests with warm showers, food, and clean clothes.

"They're confused," said Monica Freeman, a volunteer at the center, "but their faces really change after their shower."

Volunteers noticed even these common things can completely change someone's day.