Abilene Police: BB gun vandalism spree continues with 55 new victims

A viewer-submitted photo of one of the homes hit by BB gun vandalism early Tuesday morning.

ABILENE, Texas - Police are still trying to identify who is behind a citywide BB gun vandalism shooting spree that began early Tuesday and has stretched into Wednesday.

According to Abilene police, 55 additional BB gun vandalism victims have been reported Wednesday after 30 vehicles were reportedly vandalized throughout the city overnight Tuesday.

Abilene police labeled it a "felony crime spree" in a Twitter message about 10:45 a.m. Wednesday.

While details are still coming in about BB gun damage that occurred overnight Wednesday, Abilene police say the department started receiving reports of BB gun vandalism at 2 a.m. Tuesday and that the calls were non-stop for quite a while. Two businesses on South 14th were also victimized. Attempts are being made to calculate the damages and the number of homes and vehicles hit.

Police say preliminary findings show cars were hit randomly throughout the entire city overnight and throughout the early morning hours.

"I can see total damages potentially exceeding well beyond $10,000 based on initial guesstimates," Abilene police spokesman George Spindler said Tuesday.

Police have asked the community to help by doing a few things to help them catch these criminals.

1. Remain alert for this type of behavior. 2. Report any suspicious activity that might be related to air/BB guns by calling 911 immediately. 3. Call Crime Stoppers at 325-676-TIPS.

4. If you have video surveillance, review it and report any suspicious activity

Police also say to remember that you are the first line of defense to help prevent crime.