Abilene police beefing up enforcement on Danville and South Clack


ABILENE, Texas - Danville and South Clack Street near Buffalo Gap Road and Southwest Drive see the highest number of accidents in the city.

Law enforcement is beefing up patrol on these roads because authorities want to change the way people drive on the two roads that run parallel to Winter's Freeway.

"We want to continue to work towards changing behavior," Abilene Police Department spokesman George Spindler said Monday. "So that's why you're going to see us doing enforcement."

We asked some Big Country residents if the increased patrols would make them feel safer on the two busy roads.

"You can put all the people you want, but people are going to be people and do what they want," Abilene motorist Bob Pearce said.

"It's nice to know that somebody is actually looking out for us," local motorist Tracy Sites said.