Abilene police identify homicide victim, ask for assistance


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene police have identified the man found dead from a gunshot wound Sunday night on Arnold Boulevard.

According to Rick Tomlin with the Abilene Police Department, 35-year-old Donald Perkins was killed and left in the road between Marigold Street and Interstate-20.

"One minute we're driving down the road, the next minute we're trying to help somebody we can't help," said Lisa Herold, who discovered Perkins' body.

Herold didn't know just how bad it was at first.

"This young man was laying on the ground, and when we came around the corner, it appeared at first that he might be working on his car," Herold said. "He was laying on his back, but the closer we got ... we realized that wasn't the case."

Police got the call about 9:00 p.m. Sunday. APD Chief Stan Standridge said it's Abilene's sixth homicide of the year.

"At this moment we are investigating it as a homicide, one victim, possible gun shot," Tomlin said.

Herold said it's a discovery that shakes her up the more she thinks about it.

"I think the longer this is starting to process, I'm realizing how precious life is, and I don't know, it clenches your heart because I know that there's a mother and a father and brothers and sisters, and they're not going to see him anymore," Herold said.

Justice of the Peace Ronny Doan said Perkins' body was sent to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office for an autopsy.

Abilene police are asking anyone with information about what happened or Perkins' recent whereabouts to give them a call at (325) 673-8331 or Abilene Crime Stoppers at (325) 676-8477 (TIPS).

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Abilene police responded to a call of an "injured person" on the north side of the city, but within an hour, the case was labeled a homicide.

According to Rick Tomlin with the Abilene Police Department, one person is dead after being shot.

The call came in around 9 p.m. and officers went to an area on Arnold Boulevard between North 10th Street and Interstate-20, a few blocks from the north end of the Five Points Business Park. (MAP)

When the first responding officer got to the scene, he called for a supervisor.

KTXS spoke with a few people at the scene who described what they found before police arrived. They said a car was stopped in the road and they observed a person on the ground near the vehicle. They said they initially thought he was working on his car, but realized he was dead when they got close.

The victim was described as a young man, but further information was not made available. Police have not released an identity, pending further investigation and notification of family.

Police blocked off the area of Arnold Boulevard while investigating the scene. Tomlin said there was no estimate of when the street would be reopened, but that police would be searching the scene for a while.

At this time, police don't have a suspect, Tomlin said.

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