Abilene police obtain search warrant for murder suspect's vehicle

Michael Gootee, 37, and Kimberly Mansell, 39, were charged with first-degree murder during June 2016.? Mansell allegedly lured Donald Perkins to a north Abilene location, where Gootee allegedly shot and killed him.

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene police investigating the murder of Donald Perkins have been granted a search warrant to obtain GPS coordinates one of the suspect's vehicle.

The murder took place Sunday evening on the north side of Abilene at the intersection of Marigold Street and Arnold Boulevard.

Kimberly Mansell, 39, and Michael Gootee, 36, were arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with first-degree murder.

The search warrant stats that Frontier Motors, a car dealership on North 1 st Street, was in possession of electronic data and GPS data connected to Mansell's 2014 Chevy Camaro.

Police believe the GPS data will confirm Mansell's vehicle at the scene of the crime.

Police say Mansell confessed she lured Perkins to the scene by asking him "if he would help her with her flat tire."

Mansell told investigators she did this so she could allow Gootee "the opportunity to confront Perkins about an incident related to Gootee's daughter."

During this confrontation Gootee allegedly drove up to Perkins on a motorcycle and shot him several times.

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