Abilene Police Officer's Association speaks on Dallas sniper attack


ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene Police Officer's Association is standing in solidarity with the officers killed and injured in Thursday night's sniper attack.

"We 100 percent stand behind Dallas and the officers involved," association Vice President Kevin Ohneiser said.

A total of 12 officers were shot. Five of them were killed. The ambush on officers took place as a demonstration in downtown Dallas to protest the recent fatal shooting of two black men came to an end.

Before the attack Dallas, officers were seen engaging and taking pictures with demonstrators.

"The Dallas Police Department and all the other departments there were allowing people to voice their opinions and have a peaceful protest and unfortunately someone decided to take it to the extreme," Ohneiser said.

As he watched the live footage, Ohneiser said the courage of the officers stood out as they upheld their oath the serve and protect in the midst of chaos.

"You see people screaming and yelling, but you see people in uniform running to tell people to get back," Ohneiser said. "Telling them where it was safe and the men and women in uniform pressing towards the violence."

The association has sent formal condolences to the city of Dallas and APD will send officers for the funeral processions.

Ohnieser said he hopes this tragedy will help unite the community and officers build peace and trust.

"There a mistake made in everything that goes on, but there are also two sides of every story," Ohnieser said. "And it's sad that people resort to violence they don't understand."

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