Abilene police say drug busts bring down crime across the board


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene police recovered 238 grams of methamphetamine, scales, and packaging items during a search warrant execution at a north Abilene business Wednesday.

Police said 43-year-old Francisco Nuncio works with trucks, but he's also in the meth transporting business.

The search warrant was executedat the Abilene Livestock Auction, and police found scales and packaging items along with the 238 grams of meth. Nuncio was not employed with the Abilene Livestock Auction.

Sgt. Lynn Beard with the Abilene Police Department says busts like Wednesday's helps bring down crime across the board.

"With an influx of narcotics comes an increase in other crimes," Beard said. "You see child abuse increase, you see problems increase, you see violent crime increase."

Over the past several years, Abilene has seen an increase in drugs. Beard said that has a lot to do with where the city lands on the map.

"Not only have we seen an increase with manufactures and delivery," Beard said. "We also see the influx of narcotics coming from Mexico, which gets distributed here in large quantities because of our proximity to [Highway] 277 and [Interstate] 20."

Nuncio is charges with first-degree felony delivery of methamphetamine and possession of a controlled substance. He faces two to 99 years in prison.

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