Abilene police urging caution as school starts


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene police are urging motorists to be extremely careful as children return to school.

Above all else, Sgt. Lynn Beard said motorists need to be patient and pay attention to their surroundings.

"During the first week of the year, everybody's getting adjusted to a new routine," Beard said. "People are waking up, driving to the school at times they aren't used to going to school at that time. Everybody's gonna be under a little tension and pressure."

Beard said the police department's goal is to keep everyone safe, so even with the chaos of going back to school, the law will be strictly enforced.

"Especially during the first part of the year we spend a lot of time enforcing the speed limit in those school zones, cell phone laws in the school zones," Beard said.

When it comes to using cell phones while driving, the best advice Beard had is to put them away.

"Distracted driving is obviously a big concern," Beard said. "You need to be paying attention to what's going on around you. There's gonna be a lot of traffic, buses, parents, everybody's been around those when it's kind of chaotic."

While driving, pay attention to the buses and exercise patience if you see one.

"Buses are gonna be running," Beard said. "People have gone a few months without seeing buses running around. Pay attention to the school buses. It's a violation to pass a school bus if the red lights are on and the stop sign is outside."