Abilene police working to curb crime with partnerships, task forces


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene Police Chief Stan Stanridge once again points to drugs and domestic violence as the main culprits for the city's most recent homicides.

"None of the homicides have been stranger on stranger – Abilene is not going in an irreversible direction Abilene is still absolutely a safe place to live and raise families," Standridge said.

Year-to-date, the city has seen six homicides.

The Abilene Police Department says that they have implemented several programs and partnerships over the last several years to help address the war on drugs and put an end to domestic violence.

Rick Tomlin with APD said the Geographic Command and Concept program divides the city into four quadrants to help the department help keep track of drug activity.

"Each one of those quadrant has a lieutenant and sergeant underneath him and then there are officers and they patrol specifically those areas – so those officers can work their beats and find out what kind of crime is happening," Tomlin said.

APD also has a partnership with victims advocate group The Noah Project. Tomlin said when officers are dispatched to family violence disputes, they offer their services.

"If there is abuse, obviously we offer them a number that they can call for some assistance for them to end that abuse or get help," Tomlin said.

The department has also started utilizing more social media to keep the public connected and informed, like the app Next Door. The department uses it to connect neighbors and police to better alert each other to crime.

"An informed public is a public that can be safer," Tomlin said. "I've pushed out messages specific to an area where crime is happening and let folks know."

Tomlin also said that as they work to keep the public informed, they are asking residents to be vigilant and provide the department with any information that could possibly curb crime.