Abilene prosecutor wins runoff for Court-at-Law No. 2 judge seat


ABILENE, Texas - Harriett Haag is looking to move to the other side of the bench after winning the Republican nomination for the Taylor County Court-at-Law No. 2 judge seat.

Haag, a current Taylor County prosecutor, defeated Kevin Willhelm in Tuesday's runoff election by earning 6,624 votes to his 3,945.

Haag told KTXS that she is excited about the possibility to serve Taylor County at higher level.

"I'm honored that I get to take that one step up and serve Taylor County as their judge and be able to not only focus on prosecution but also focus on the defense side and focus on what is best for our community," Haag said.

She will run unopposed for the seat in November's general election.

Haag told KTXS her first objective would be getting familiar with the court's pending cases.

"[I'd look at] civil or criminal and get prepared to adjudicate them as a judge in the best way possible," Haag said.

After earning endorsements from organizations including the Abilene Police Officers Association and Abilene Professional Firefighters Association, Haag said her experience gave her an advantage in the election.

The judge seat became open after the death of Sam Carroll in August – he had served in the position for about 11 years.

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