Abilene Red Cross prepares for the worst in shelter re-enactment


ABILENE, Texas - The Red Cross in Abilene held their annual shelter re-enactment for volunteers on Saturday.

Volunteers used the G.V. Daniels Recreation Center to practice responding to a natural disaster. Staff members set up cots and a food pantry in preparation for the disaster relief training.

"The reason why we do this sheltering exercise in this part of June is because June first opens up the hurricane season," Celia Gesting, public relations officer, said. "People who are affected by the hurricanes can't stay in the damaged areas so they have to be transported out."

Although hurricanes are not likely to hit the Big Country, residents can still be in danger of wildfires and flooding from tropical storms.

Volunteers like George Gover played victims who no longer had a place to stay.

"They have a process to clothe me and give me shoes, find a place for me to live during this disaster and also money for food through a debit card," Gover said.

Gesting said in addition to food and a warm place to sleep, they also provide basic medical services like taking blood pressure while victims are in their care.

The recreation center is not the only place victims would go in an emergency, Gesting said they have sheltering agreements with other organizations throughout the region.

If you would like to volunteer or have questions about training, contact the Red Cross in Abilene at 325-677-2622.