Abilene remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


ABILENE, TX - Non-violence and equality for all were key themes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's legacy.

He led a movement committed to civil rights that eventually ended segregation. Abilene residents remembered his life.

"I hope they enjoy the holiday, because it's deserving," one Abilene resident said. "He was a good man as far as I can tell."

"Now we have peace to where we can walk into a K-Mart and not have to stand in a certain line and have to wait," another resident said. "Now we can all stand in the same line and be free together."

"If it wasn't for him, I doubt we'd have President Obama and especially on a second term. I'm really glad that we have President Obama as our President again."

For the second time, President Obama's inauguration is on the Martin Luther King holiday. He's also using Dr. King's bible.

On Monday, people in Abilene will march in his memory. One mother is thankful for what Dr. King left behind. "It's important for my daughter to see that somebody sacrificed their life a long time ago so that we can all have the rights we have today."

Dr. King died at age 39 in 1968.