Abilene Rotary chapter provides help to school in Africa


ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene Rotary Club discussed their work for a girls' school in Africa Wednesday.

Abilene's chapter works with the national organization to provide resources for the school, which provides education for girls after the eighth grade.

"All of these girls who go to this school won't have to marry young," said Linda Royall, one of the organizers with the Abilene chapter. "They won't have a life in sex trafficking – which happens a lot – but rather, they will be able to be educated women and make a difference in their countries."

Royall said girls in the part of Africa where the school is located don't get funding for school after eighth grade. The girls' school aims to provide an education equal to high school in the U.S.

Wednesday's lunchtime meeting went over the specifics of how the grant money raised by local Rotary chapters keeps the school going.

Those who wish to donate to the girls' school can visit the Rotary Club's website.

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