Abilene State Park closed indefinitely after flooding


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene State Park experienced a flash flooding event Tuesday that forced officials to close the park gates until further notice.

One park official told KTXS the amount of flood water and the rate that it rushed in was scary, but they were able to evacuate all people from the park with no injuries.

According to Abilene State Park Superintendent Ryan Hunter the park was shut down due to safety issues.

"The park is closed," said Hunter. "We're assessing the damage from, basically, a flash flood yesterday. There's still a lot of water in the park, a lot of debris. Damage to the road and infrastructure is mostly what we're looking at."

As of noon Wednesday, Lake Abilene was not over spillway, but water was still being released from the morning glory.

Hunter said that although the park flooded, the water also means good news for the summer.

"As soon as the weather passes and things go back to normal, you know, we're really excited about having a great summer here at the park," Hunter said. "What this rain does mean is it is going to have green, beautiful vegetation. The lake is full and ready for water activities like swimming and paddle sports."

Park officials have not yet determined when the park will be reopened.

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