Abilene Zoo offical explains alligator attack in Florida


ABILENE, Texas - "There are millions of alligators in Florida and if you have a body of water in Florida, it's going to have alligators in it," said Bill Gersonde with the Abilene Zoo.

On Tuesday a two-year-old boy was wading in ankle-deep water at a Walt Disney Resort in Florida when an alligator attacked and pulled the boy underwater.

Gersonde, the director for the Abilene Zoo, said the Alligator was only acting as nature intended

"They can't differentiate between a human and an animal. A child of that size would be an adequate sized animal for an alligator to take, and that's what this particular alligator did," Gersonde said.

After searching the lagoon on Wednesday, authorities found the two-year-old's body.

"When an alligator attacks, normally what they do is drown their prey," Gersonde said.

Officials involved with the case in Florida said at a press conference Wednesday that the boy did indeed drown.

Depending on the size of the alligator, it can be very difficult for an adult to escape, let alone a two-year-old, Gersonde said.

According to Gersonde, there is virtually no alligator population in Abilene. As far as he knows, Albert the Alligator at the Abilene Zoo is the only one in town.

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