Accused Ranger murderer says victim harassed him for weeks


ABILENE, Texas - A Ranger man is sitting in the Eastland County Jail accused of a murder that took place on Young Street in Ranger Wednesday night.

According to Ranger Police, 53-year-old Donald Davis shot Bobby Blair with a 12-gauge shotgun in the chest.

KTXS spoke with Davis at the Eastland County Jail Thursday. Davis said he is remorseful, but that he acted in self-defense.

He said Blair had been harassing him for weeks.

Davis told KTXS that he made numerous calls to the Ranger Police about the alleged harassment and had even filed a criminal trespass order against Blair.

"The police were supposed to keep him away from me and he kept coming back every day, he'd come back every day and I wouldn't talk to him," Davis said behind the glass at the Eastland County Jail. "I ignored him, I wouldn't look at him, I would hurry and go in the house all the time, but the officers said they would stop that."

KTXS made several attempts to confirm Davis' claim but we did not hear back from Ranger Police.

Davis said Blair had been circling his block and screaming obscenities out the window Wednesday night.

"I have neighbors that witnessed him threatening me," Davis said. "I was in my yard, he pulled up in the ally and jumped out of the truck."

That's when Davis said he ran inside of his home, grabbed his shotgun and told Blair not to come on his property.

"He come charging at me and I got scared," Davis said. β€˜He's a big man and I can't fight him – I'm sorry that all this happened. I mean, I just wish I could be left alone."

Davis said he has several health issues and would like to die at home, but he is not sure what will happen.

"I prayed and I prayed to God to just make the [harassment] stop and go away but it didn't – my wife and my dogs are all I have left in this world, I'm sick with lead poisoning, I'm slowly dying as it is," Davis said.

Davis is being held in the Eastland County Jail on a $1 million bond. The Texas Rangers have are handling the case.

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