ACU partners with energy conservation company hoping to save millions


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene Christian University just entered into a five year contract with energy conservation company Cenergistic. Cenergistic Vice President Energy Consultant David Goff said the partnership will save ACU about $6 million over the next ten years.

"We're all looking at sustainability. We're all looking at a greener planet and every piece of energy that's not having to be produced is making our environment better," said Goff.

By using green energy, ACU is hoping to save a little green of their own.

"Being able to put these funds, which typically would be going to the utility company, towards a more strategic initiative for the University is a great opportunity for ACU," said ACU Executive Director of Facilities and Campus Management Corey Ruff.

The university is already working with Cenergistic to cut energy costs where they can.

"The chiller plant, the boiler plant, the big things that we have looked at already, that of course is the low hanging fruit," said Goff.

Goff said the majority of conservation won't be done by new machines; it will be up to students. Contributions like turning off lights or shutting down computers will make a big difference.

"If you pick up a little bit of savings in a lot of areas there's your $6 million," said Goff.