ACU professor examines effect of Trump's comments on Hispanics


ABILENE, Texas - As Donald Trump plans his fundraising sweep through the state of Texas, Hispanic protestors are planning to greet him along the way.

Throughout the presumptive GOP presidential nominee's campaign, he hasn't shied away from comments that have garnered controversial attention.

Abilene Christian University political professor Dr. Kristina Davis believes some of his remarks have been more than unsettling for Hispanic voters.

"I think it's a combination of what happened with Mexicans who are coming into the United States, calling them murderers and rapist, then extended in the conservation about what is happening with [U.S. District] Judge [Gonzalo] Curiel," Davis said.

In early June, Trump made a comment about Curiel while he presided over a case involving Trump University. Trump said Curiel had a conflict of interest because he was of Mexican descent and Trump had expressed his desire to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.

Davis told KTXS that this remark was seen as an attack against all Americans with Mexican heritage.

"Initially, Trump had only made comments about those who were recent immigrants to the United States, and now here he's talking about a judge who, yes is of Mexican descent, but it's second, third, fourth generation," Davis said.

A recent poll by ABC states that 89 percent of Hispanics view Trump as unfavorable.

"You've seen more and more groups of Hispanics who are protesting at different events that he is speaking at – whether that will translate into them actually getting votes, I don't know," Davis said "If Latinos were to actually get unified and get to the polls, it would mean the end for Trump."

The Republican and Democratic parties have been fighting over the Hispanic vote throughout the campaign season. Davis believes that conservative Hispanics see Trump's remarks as a wall separating them from the GOP party.

"There is a large population of Hispanics that are conservative, and so for that reason have hesitated to always vote Democrat," Davis said. "I think for a lot of them, Trump's comments will outweigh what is happening with social issues, because this is not only questioning their religious beliefs or their social standing, but its questioning their identity."

While Trump attends his San Antonio fundraiser, Davis and thousands of others will be just a few miles away at the Texas Democratic Convention.

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