American Commercial College in Abilene could close this December


ABILENE, Texas - December 31 could be the end for American Commercial College in Abilene.

Months ago, the Texas Workforce Commission said they were revoking the Certificate of Approval for ACC schools in Abilene and Lubbock at the end of 2012.

ACC in Abilene can not enroll any more students and those that are currently enrolled will complete their programs by December 31.

ACC has an appeal on file, and a hearing was postponed and has not yet been rescheduled. The revocation follows an investigation that found the school was filing false information with state and federal authorities.

The TWC monitors career schools and said they found ACC in Abilene and Lubbock failed to place 60 percent of its graduates in jobs, a requirement for Texas career schools and colleges.

ACC is also involved in a lawsuit with the U.S. Department of Justice. They claim the school falsified documents about where their tuition money was coming from. TWC said they will wait until the federal lawsuit is completed before moving forward with the appeal.

Only a few employees remain at the Abilene ACC campus. A handful of students are still enrolled at the Abilene and Lubbock ACC campuses.

The Workforce Commission said student's certificates or diplomas from ACC will still represent the completion of their program of study. They advise former students to keep a copy of their complete transcripts for future employers.

Anyone who attended American Commercial College and would like to file a complaint against them, can email the Workforce Commission at or contact their career schools hotline at 1-866-256-6333.