Athlete profile: Barrel racing with Danielle Harmon


ABILENE, TX - Just like any other sport, barrel racing requires a lot of time, effort, and care of not only your athletic ability, but also the care of your horse.

For Danielle Harmon, it took a little convincing from her friend to give the speed racing sport a try.

"You should try this it's really fun," Harmon recalled her friend coaxing her into racing. "It looks scary for me, because I was so used to slow riding, and just relaxed trail riding and then I saw the speed events and thought, I don't know," she said.

Harmon has been riding most of her life, but only this year did she get to compete as a high schooler. And with her first year aside, Harmon made it to sate, and placed second!

"It was really nice, because not a lot of freshmen really do well, because we're kind of immature and young and stuff and you usually expect the older grades and people to do better," said Harmon.

It's not her first time to win at a state meet, but she did admit there were a few nerves, and they weren't only hers, Cajun, her horse, was a little nervous too.

"She gets a little nervous, and Cajun gets a little they call it on the muscle and he gets nervous also," said Danielle's father David. "I just think it's pretty cool because he always looks back there like he's seeing if she's there, and then I'll she her petting on him."

Harmon has a very high ceiling with three more years of high school left to compete. She intends to continue riding in college, but where that will be, she has time to decide. For now, she hopes to win a title at next year's state and nationals.

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