Cisco family works to rebuild after flood damages home


ABILENE, Texas - Many Cisco families returned to their homes after rising flood waters caused a mandatory evacuation Thursday.

The Anderson family lives off North Shore Drive at Lake Cisco, and they spent the last two days breaking down walls at their flood-damaged home.

"We had to rip out all the sheet rock, all the carpet – we've had to gut everything," Nell Anderson said.


The family sat together and watched helplessly as the flood waters slowly crept in.

"We were in here in a foot deep of water, we were just dragging stuff up stairs to where we didn't lose everything," Craig Anderson said. "We watched our stuff floating away, we just both kinda laughed and giggled a lot ‘cause there's nothing you can do."

There's usually three acres separating their home from the lake.

"But now we have barely a couple of feet right around the house, and everything is washed up," Nell said.

Like many of the other homeowners in the area, the family doesn't have flood insurance. They're estimating the cost of repairs to reach nearly $14,000.

"Live and learn, we're three feet above the spillway so we just naturally thought we were safe," Craig said. "We were wrong."

But despite the months of repairs down the road, the Andersons told us their heart is still at the lake.

"Yes we flooded, yes our yard is a wreck, yes we lost some things, but we didn't lose near the things that some of our lake residents did," Craig said.

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