Citibank to close all branches in Abilene, Big Country


ABILENE, Texas - Citibank is closing several branches in Texas, including four in Abilene.

A spokesperson for Citibank said "…we have determined that a select number of branches in rural areas of Texas do not fit our market strategy that focuses on major cities. They will close in June 2014."

Branches in major cities such as Dallas and Houston will remain open and non-branch ATMs will still be operational.

Several customers said they will have to find a new bank to keep their money once local branches close.

"It's going to be tough because I'm one of those I want to have somebody to talk to whenever something comes up. It's always nice to have a face and I know all the ladies that work in here and it's kind of... It sucks," said Citibank customer Warren Tullous.

Citibank said they will work with employees to try and find them other positions within the company. They wouldn't say how many employees will be affected.

There are Citibank branches in Haskell, Anson, Brownwood, Breckenridge and Eastland.