City of Abilene preparing for mosquitoes after heavy rains


ABILENE, Texas - Heavy rain and flooding in Abilene and the Big Country will mean an influx of mosquitoes in the next few days.

KTXS spoke with Abilene Animal Services Manager, Aaron Vannoy, on Tuesday. Vannoy explained the type of mosquito we can expect to see will come from places that hold stagnant water.

While they are nuisances, Vannoy said they typically do not carry viruses like Zika or West Nile. However, that does cut down on what the City of Abilene is capable of doing to kill the mosquitoes.

"Our spraying is targeted towards our West Nile Virus mosquitoes which has a very unique pattern. So adulticide, going out and spraying down our streets right now, would not be very effective for our nuisance mosquitoes," Vannoy said.

The city does set up traps around the city for the mosquitoes that can carry West Nile. They are collected and sent to Austin for testing. Vannoy explained those mosquitoes typically show up around August or September.

Mosquitoes linked to carrying the Zika Virus come out during the daytime rather than around dusk and dawn. They typically breed around standing water, as well.

Vannoy urges residents to drain any standing water around your home and use a repellant when you're outside.