City of Abilene to send out bids for downtown hotel


ABILENE, Texas - Three years ago, Abilene Mayor Norm Archibald announced his vision for a downtown convention center hotel.

Next month, that vision will be one step closer to a reality.

"This has the opportunity for us to bring in a lot of conventions that we've missed out on because we didn't have a downtown hotel," Archibald said.

The city has already purchased all of the land around the Abilene Civic Center to build the hotel. In the upcoming weeks, the city will send out a request for proposal to several major hotel chains.

The mayor said this is a key step in what will be a long process.

"When we get the RFP back, we'll know who is interested in being incentivized to come and build here," Archibald said. "Then we'll enter into negotiations with that developer and we want it to be a brand-name hotel."

One of those incentives, according to Archibald, will likely include tax breaks for the chosen developer.

The mayor said the city is hoping to get proposal bids returned within the next few months.

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