City urges Abilenians to curtail water use due to water main break


ABILENE, Texas - City officials are urging Abilenians to curtail water usage today in the wake of a major water main break in north Abilene.

Mayor Norm Archibald said residents throughout the city should be in conservation mode, as the city moves to repair the break in the vicinity of Abilene Livestock Auction.

"Outdoor watering today needs to be curtailed completely," Archibald said, urging residents to not water yards or wash vehicles so the line can be repaired and the city can offset the loss of five to six million gallons of water.

Archibald said steps need to be taken, so more drastic measures won't be needed.

The water quality continues to meet TCEQ and EPA standards, and Abilene Fire Department will have enough water to battle blazes, city officials said.

The broken line was put in during the 1950s and will cost an estimated $5,000 to $10,000 to repair.

The line supplies the Grimes Water Treatment Plant.

The leak, which is on the raw water pipeline and not the potable water system, began about 1 a.m. Wednesday. It occurred between Grimes and Northeast water treatment plants.

City officials say the water conservation effort will "assist in restoring the stored water reserve for the next 24 hours." An email sent by the city spokesperson late Wednesday said crews did expect to have the line fixed and service restored by Thursday.

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