Colorado City businesses excited to see boost to economy connected to oil fields


COLORADO CITY, Texas - Businesses in Colorado City are thriving due to an economic boom due to nearby oil and energy developments – and new businesses could be on the way.

A server from Biggs Pizza and Grill said she's also noticed more oil workers eating at the restaurant.

"We do get a lot of people coming in that work for the oil companies and I know that whenever I talk to them they tell that they are doing a lot of work outside the town," said Marissa Flores, server at Biggs Pizza and Grill.

Residents hope, though, that businesses don't leave if the economic boom slows in the future.

"I personally think that they're kinda just building it, and if it doesn't happen then it's a waste of money and time and they're just going to be sitting there like a lot of other buildings here," Flores said.

A manager at the Western Suites, a local hotel, said he's been seeing a slight increase in business, but he thinks the real growth will hit soon.

He said he's received an increase in calls from oil companies wanting long-term room stays for their employees.

Most of the business owners toldKTXS they enjoy seeing new faces as more people come to the area and they are looking forward to the increase in business.