CPS arrest: Klapheke family happy 'somebody else ... taking some blame'


ABILENE, Texas - Tiffany Klapheke's adoptive father on Sunday said he's "happy to see that somebody else is gonna start taking some blame" in the highly publicized 2012 Klapheke child death case.

"… I don't believe it was all Tiffany's fault," said Scott Romano, speaking exclusively to KTXS following Saturday's arrest of Martha Kiel "Bit" Whitaker, ex-regional director for Child Protective Services.

Tiffany Klapheke, in February, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for her role in her 22-month-old daughter's death from severe neglect.

According to jail records, Whitaker was charged with tampering with physical evidence on Aug. 29, 2012 – one day after Klapheke's daughter Tamryn was found unresponsive in her Dyess Air Force Base home.

Tamryn reportedly died six days after CPS closed an investigation of medical neglect on the Klapheke family.

Whitaker was the CPS regional director when Tamryn Klapheke died from severe neglect.

"I had made a comment before that I'll be surprised if any other people are prosecuted for this because I think there's a whole bunch of people that could have prevented it and didn't," Romano said.

Romano also said he's sad that the lives of innocent children were left in the hands of the CPS agents on the case.

Tamryn's two young sisters were also found to be in poor physical condition at the time of her death.

"I think there are other people involved in this thing and I think that fact that there were so many referrals made on those children is showing you that there was a problem from the very beginning," Romano said.

Romano said he hopes more arrests will be made, and he wants people to realize that this issue isn't isolated.

"She's (Tiffany Klapheke) taken responsibility and she knows what she did was wrong, but I also think there was other people that could have prevented it," Romano said. "It's like how many people need to walk by and turn their head the other way?"

Romano said his family talks with Tiffany about three times a week.

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