Despite rainy start to June, Abilene finishes below normal


ABILENE, Texas - After a very wet spring, Abilene – in June – had its first below normal rainfall total since February.

For Abilene, we started out the month of June soaking wet from all of the rainfall at the end of May. After that, we recorded additional rainfall but it was spaced out more.

In all, Abilene finished out June with 3.13 inches for the record books. Our normal monthly June total should be 3.56 inches. That puts us at a 0.43-inch deficit.

If you include June to our current running 2016 total, we are still well above average. As of July 1, we now stand at 20.93 inches for the year. That's 8.50 inches above normal.

Our annual total is 24.82 inches for Abilene. We have already received 85 percent of our yearly rainfall in just six months.

In the Concho Valley, there was one city that did fairly well for June: San Angelo. For June, it totaled 7.02 inches of rainfall for the month. The normal for June is 2.59 inches.

Since Jan. 1, San Angelo has measured 22.65 inches of rain. That's 12.04 inches above normal for this time of year. Also, their yearly normal is 21.25 inches.

If you recall the number above, San Angelo has already received all of its yearly rainfall in just six months plus some. That means, additional rain that falls will be extra.

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