Disc Golf: local tournament brings fun for the beginner and the pro


ABILENE, TX - "It's exactly the same as ball golf, but you're using Frisbees, but we call them discs" said Tournament Director Jonathan Trimble. The Wild Hair Disc-Golf Tournament, put on by the Abilene Disc-Golf Association, has evolved from a casual birthday party into a full out sponsored tournament, Trimble added, "we've been running this tournament for 13 years now."

But disc golf is not your average game of catch, it's more closely connected to golf.

Trimble explained, "it's basically the same thing, same rules, same terminology, everything." Disc golf discs are a lot smaller than a Frisbee and they're much more flexible, we asked for some tips on how to hold it and throw it, but I'm told the most difficult part of disc golf is the putting.

Former Director and now disc golf player Jerry Kingston taught us the most effective way to throw the disc. "The force that your arm whips out kind of forces the disc out, so you're trying to hold on the whole time."

There are a number of different throwing techniques, side arm, backhand, over hand, the list continues, but the sport is unique to any other recreations activity. Kingston added, "it's challenging, it's cheaper, it's a lot more accessible, you know most of the courses that exist are on public property, so any time that the park is open you can play."

This weekend's tournament is broken up into different competition levels. And with a cash prize worth winning, the players are bound to have some friendly competition. "Everybody has fun, just some have fun being more competitive," Kingston continued, "some have fun being more laid back, you know just have fun doing it no matter how good or bad you play."

Fans and players are encouraged to come check out the action on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

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