Dyess We Care Team helps Abilene woman


ABILENE, Texas - Saturday, the Dyess We Care Team and plenty of volunteers were out painting a house for an Abilene woman.

They say she'd been trying to paint her mother's house all by herself, but she wasn't physically able to finish the job since she has to use a cane to get around.

That's where Dyess We Care came in.

"I know that we try to make sure we can actually do something to help them, and that it is repairable, because some houses, you'll see it and you're going to have to, like, demolish it and get rid of it and rebuild from scratch, but if the house is saveable, that's what we try to do, is we try to save it," said Rollin Fitton, a team leader for the Dyess We Care Team.

The Dyess We Care team works on about 50 projects a year.

That includes painting houses, building ramps for those who need it and teaming up with other organizations for fundraisers.