Emergency managers watching Abilene waterways for flooding


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene is at its limit -- Lake Fort Phantom is over the spillway, creeks are at capacity and now more rain is in the forecast.

So if everything is full, where does the water go?

It all starts south of town by Lake Abilene and Elm Creek. That part of town is at a higher elevation, which means any water that falls in that region will flow north. So if Lake Abilene goes over the spillway and the creeks are full, then that water will move up Elm Creek to the city of Abilene.

If it rains in Abilene, the water runs down the streets and drains into the creeks -- in this case, the main waterways are Elm Creek and Cedar Creek. Those two creeks run north and drain into Lake Fort Phantom. When the lake goes over the spillway, like it is currently, then the journey continues.

Water leaving Lake Fort Phantom will move north and connect with the clear fork. Once it connects to the Brazos River, the water will go east past Hubbard Creek, without draining into it, before all of it ends up in Lake Possum Kingdom.

Jim Bryan, emergency management coordinator for the city of Abilene, told KTXS that officials are monitoring the situation, but residents who live near the waterways should always be alert.

"Be aware," Bryan said. "Listen to the media … and any public official if we say there's a likelihood of a flood event, or impending flood. [If you] get a CodeRED call, listen to that. Take action."

Bryan also said that despite the situation, there is no immediate cause for flooding concerns at this time.

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