Everything you need to know on AISD's new standardized dress code


ABILENE, Texas - It's a new year in a new style at Abilene ISD middle schools. The district's website is full of information and a video, found here, showing parents and kids what is in the new standardized dress code at Mann, Madison, Clack, and Craig middle schools. Tuesday on KTXS This Morning, two Abilene ISD students showed us exactly what they'll be wearing to school this year under the new code. Craig Middle School principal, Dr. Daniel Dukes, said while he expects there to be elements for the kids to get used to in the beginning, he looks forward to starting the new year under the new dress code. At, you can get the particulars of what middle schoolers need to wear. You'll also find a list of stores in town carrying the kind of clothes that meet the code. However, no one is obligated to buy clothing at any one store. Even places like Goodwill are selling clothes that meet the code requirements. At the Goodwill store on North 1st, they've pulled items into their own display for easy shopping. Other stores we visited like Walmart, have school uniform sections. We found most collar shirts priced between $5 and $6. Pants were no more than $15. And don't forget; the tax free holiday weekend is here - August 8th, 9th, and 10th. Uniforms are included in what you can buy tax free.