"Field day of Dreams" even gives special youth opportunity


ABILENE, TX - At McMurry University on Saturday, some special kids had quite the morning of field day fun. The "Field Day of Dreams" event brought together children with special needs to McMurry University's War Hawk stadium. It was a chance to have their own athletic field day full of sports and outdoor activities like ball kick, spoon races, football kicking competition, and even events for those on crutches and in wheel chairs. The free event is a way of giving back for co-founder Ryan King who says the idea came from a personal connection.

"This all started because I had a little brother who had a brain tumor and before he passed away, he was in a wheelchair," recalled King.

"But you know, he still wanted to do tee-ball and wanted to do fun things so we just rushed him around and let him enjoy everything. I've always thought these kids need the same opportunity that everybody has to enjoy themselves and to compete to win."

The event was free and each participant received awards for their participation.

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