Flag Day ceremony held at Abilene veterans cemetery


ABILENE, Texas - A special ceremony was held at the Texas State Veterans Cemetery to honor the 100th anniversary of Flag Day.

Judy Rocha and her 83-year-old father spent Flag Day evening there. Rocha's dad is a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars.

"That means everything to me," Rocha said. "It means everything, and I'm very proud, proud to be his daughter and proud of what he's done."

After a brief ceremony, members of the American Legion Post 61 in Abilene took worn out flags and disposed of them with honor by burning them.

"To me, it means respect," said Chris Clements, commander of the American Legion Post 61 in Abilene. "We use the flag for a lot of things, obviously. We have a flag hanging here. Our flag is at half-staff because of what happened in Orlando. It's a symbol of our nation, but it's also a symbol of the sacrifice that the veterans have paid -- some of them, the ultimate sacrifice."

For Judy Rocha, it's that sacrifice of our veterans that came to her mind this Flag Day, too.

"[It's] the sacrifices these men and women have made, the blood that they shed for our country, and we need to be supportive of them and their families," Rocha said.

Members of American Legion Post 61 said they perform this ceremony a few times a year on holidays to honor our country and our veterans.

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