Former city engineer accuses city of Abilene of fraud


ABILENE,Texas - A local engineer says the city of Abilene of fraudulently used his name to skirt state regulations on several road projects.

The engineer, Chad Carter, spoke to Abilene City Council Tuesday night to address the issue.

According to Carter, he was listed as the supervisor of many road projects while he was not employed by the city of Abilene. Carter said he had nothing to do with those projects.

He said the city did this so the projects wouldn't violate the Texas Engineering Practice Act, which states a licensed engineer must be present while work within the city is done.

Carter says this was a public safety risk because some of those streets were constructed too narrow, posing a danger to motorists.

"City code requires the minimum paved width of a city street to be 26-foot wide, wider streets are just safer because they prevent head-on collisions," Carter said. "You don't need to be an engineer to know that."

KTXS asked city officials for comment. They were unable to speak with us because they are involved in an ongoing case against Carter. However, they did say they are taking the matter seriously and investigating the allegations.

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