'Frontier Texas!' celebrates 10 years in Abilene


Thousands of people have visited Abilene's 'Frontier Texas!' since it opened its doors in 2004.

The facility is a place for visitors to learn about the early cultures and history of the Abilene region.

The tourist attraction offers travel information and services, historical exhibits including holographic images of Texas pioneers, and a gift shop. It also serves local schools by providing an educational platform.

Since 2004, it has attracted 372,851 visitors. So far this year:

- 25.7 percent of visitors were from Abilene

- 51.6 percent from other parts of Texas

- 19.6 percent from other states

- 3.1 percent are from foreign countries.

To keep Frontier Texas up and running, they use revenue earned through ticket sales, memberships, and shop sales.

The facility also uses donations from private donors and a hotel occupancy tax.

"We have another 10 years of life of that venue tax. So it has been a great thing, and looks like it's has a great future," said Jeff Salmon, Executive Director of the facility.