Game warden reminds boaters of lake rules before holiday weekend


ABILENE, Texas - Taylor County Game Warden Roy Johnson and other officials will be out patrolling area lakes this coming weekend, making sure lake goers know the rules for Memorial Day.

"We're going be out there checking everybody that we can for their safety equipment," Johnson said. "We're also going to be looking for anybody operating their boat that are intoxicated."

Johnson outlined the regulations in place if you plan on hitting the waves.

Life vests must be available for everyone on board a boat. Children under the age of 13 are required to wear a life vests while on the boat, and are advised to wear vests designed for their size. You will need the boat registration card, certificate number, fire extinguisher and sound device such as a whistle. Boats larger than 16 feet are required to have a flotation device that can be thrown to a person in the water.

As far as drinking alcoholic beverages during the holiday weekend, the open container law does not apply to boats. However, the driver of the boat must not drink.

"The boat operator needs to be a designated driver, not drinking anything," Johnson said. "[They are] going to have to pay attention to the other boats out there."

Johnson also said even if boat passengers are not driving, they could be arrested for public intoxicated if they are above the legal blood alcohol limit of .08.

For more specific details about boat, personal water crafts and more, click here.

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