Giraffe Safari exhibit opens at Abilene Zoo


ABILENE, Texas - You can feed the giraffes again at the Abilene Zoo.

The zoo's Giraffe Safari exhibit opened Saturday, and plenty of people were there to check it out.

The $3 million exhibit opened after three years of planning and construction.

"It means we're back in the giraffe-feeding business at the zoo," exclaimed Kelly Thompson, a spokesperson for the Abilene Zoo.

Blaze Wiginton and his mom celebrated his birthday by feeding giraffes.

"Yeah, it was pretty cool," Blaze said. "They take it, but they kind of run away at the same time, but it's actually pretty fun."

Guests can come face-to-face with the zoo's six giraffes and feed them romaine lettuce leaves.

The zoo's newest giraffe -- baby Kito, born two days after Christmas -- was still a little shy.

"It's still something we're working on," Thompson said. "They've only been in this space for a couple of weeks, and we've actually had many days where there was rain, and so the animal behaviorist, our vet and the animal staff have all been working to getting them accustomed to coming up and eating the lettuce.

For Blaze and his mom, this birthday will be one to remember.

"We're just celebrating, and our zoo is great," Hannah Wiginton said. "I'm so excited about it."

The zoo is the number one attraction in Abilene.Last year, more than 215,000 people visited the zoo.

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