Gov. Abbott in Abilene: Clinton poses danger to America's future


ABILENE, Texas - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, in Abilene to sign copies of his book "Broken But Unbowed," made it clear who he favors in the presidential race.

"This is about choices. You have (Donald) Trump versus Hillary Clinton. I don't know Donald Trump, but what I do know is the danger Hillary Clinton poses to the future of America," Abbott said Monday, when questioned about several hot topics at Hastings.

In the past month, Abbott has been outspoken about transgender bathroom issues in schools.

Earlier in May, President Barack Obama issued guidance to schools allowing transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity. Abbott claimed it was unconstitutional and Obama was overreaching his power.

"Congress voted on this issues, rejected the issue. And then after that, the president tries to write the laws of the nation by dictating bathroom policies," Abbott said.

The White House says the guidance was only issued after "extensive requests" for information on the issue.

The last time Abbott was in Abilene was in October 2015 as part of his grassroots tour.

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