Grace Museum gains 'Friends' with launch of new program


ABILENE, Texas - The Grace Museum launched their new program called "Friends" on Thursday morning.

Initiated by Dallas Museum of Art, the free program is a new way for people to connect with the museum. The hope is to get visitors more involved with the museum.

Here's how it works: Once a guest signs up at the kiosk located inside the museum, they are able to earn points and rewards by attending various activities put on at The Grace.

The museum's director said The Grace is the first to pilot this program and the staff couldn't be happier.

"There's a lot of heart and soul that has gone into this," director Laura Moore said. "We have (a) great staff and board that really care about the outcome and care about people being involved.

"I think when you're driven by these feelings, you're just very excited when the fruition is here."