Hailey Dunn's search team gathers in honor of the deceased teen's 16th birthday


COLORADO CITY, Texas - Wednesday would have been the 16th birthday of Colorado City teenager Hailey Dunn whose remains were found in April. Members of the search team that looked for Hailey for 28 months gathered to celebrate her birthday with a balloon release.

"Hailey I love you, and miss you and I wish you were here," said Linda Fox, a member of the search team who knew Hailey before she went missing.

"I wished we could've given her the sweet 16 she deserved," search team member April Wehbra said.

It's been four months and two days since Colorado City teenager Hailey Dunn's remains were identified.

Those who were a part of Hailey's search team for 28 months said now that Hailey's been found they want something else, justice.

"They need to find whoever did this and they need to be put away because she didn't deserve this," said Fox.

Wednesday, search team members released more than 100 balloons in honor of what would have been Hailey's 16th birthday.

"We're doing the birthday, we'll be back at Christmas and well do it again if no arrest is made and then well do it again on her birthday and just continue until someone's arrested no matter how long it takes," said Wehbra

It might take longer than they originally expected.

The Scurry County Sheriff said they have nothing new to release about the case. A DPS spokesperson for the investigation said the FBI is still testing evidence that was found where Hailey's remains were discovered. Investigators said they are naming no new suspects, no arrests have been made, and for Hailey's search team there is no closure.

The team still believes one day whoever killed the little girl, whose life touched so many hearts, will be caught.

"I have a lot of hope, I have a lot of faith and prayer," Wehbra said.

Hailey's search team said while they are anxious for an arrest, they are happy that the FBI and sheriffs department are not rushing the case.

There was only one suspect ever named after Hailey disappeared. That's Shawn Adkins, who was Hailey's mom's boyfriend at the time the teen disappeared.