Hope in the form of football: The AHS 'Game of Champions'


ABILENE, TX - There is no question, this week has been rough for news in our community.

But Friday night we saw hope, and it came where you least expect it -- on the gridiron in the annual Game of Champions.

What does it mean to win? Is it the score? Or is it grabbing the hand of someone that might not ever say a word to you?

One of Friday's athletes is Darus. He can't speak, but he's a winner.

You see, this story is not just about being number one. It's about stepping aside, and allowing someone else to have their moment. It's about taking all the rules of the game, and tossing them in the trash can.

Sure, some plays were wacky, but it doesn't matter. They're having the time of their lives. This game teaches you that when you give the ball to someone else, you might be surprised by what they can do with it.

At the end of the night, you've got to believe that the power of winning, is setting yourself aside, and believing in the ones some would overlook.

"This, this is what it's all about," said AHS coach Del Van Cox.

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