I-20 frontage road work near Hwy 351 close to completion


ABILENE, Texas - Work on the Interstate 20 frontage roads near Highway 351 are set to be completed in early August.

The construction began in November of 2012 and is estimated to cost $12.5 million.

The main aim of the I-20 frontage road construction is safety, and TxDOT spokeswoman Mary Belle Turner says a one-way feeder is safer than a two-way feeder.

"It's a safety issue," Turner said. "It's safer to have a one-way frontage road."

By conducting an outside survey, TxDOT found out one-way feeder roads are safer and, therefore, the construction began.

Currently construction on the I-20 feeder roads is in the final phase before completion – all that's left is the pavement.

"Right now they are clearing up around the project and they're making preparations to go in and lay the final pavement," Turner said.

Once the construction on this section of the I-20 feeder road is completed, TxDOT will move on to other section of the road, making them one-way as well.