Is North 9th Street neighborhood a safe place to live?


Abilene, Texas - Abilene Police are still on high alert on N. 9th Street, where two children were shot.

Some people who live on N. 9th don't deny there are problems in the area, but also said Monday night's shooting is giving their neighborhood a bad name that it doesn't deserve.

Regina said her grandmother's house on N.9th Street is full of memories.

Inside, pictures on the walls are happy reminders of the generations who have lived there.

Around 10:30 Monday night the scene here was completely different.

In front of Regina's grandmother's house, police taped off a crime scene and even sent in a SWAT team to search for evidence.

The man police were looking for was not there.

In the daylight community members of N. 9th are still trying to understand.

Some people we talked with said their neighborhood is mostly a quite place.

"We have kids out here. Grandmas and grandpas, hard workers. The neighborhood isn't drug infested. That's what they keep saying and it's not," said Charles.

"That baby that was hurt, that could been one of our kids," said Regina.

Others told us the cycle of drugs and violence is brought in from other areas of town.

"It's people from outside the neighborhood that make us look bad," said Charles.